Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Getting Here

Illinois Vipassana Center – Dhamma Pakasa
10076 Fish Hatchery Road
Pecatonica, IL 61063

Public Transportation Options

If you are not able to arrange a ride, or want to make back-up plans, the following public transportation options are available. Please contact the companies directly, or check their websites, for current fare information to the town of Rockford.

  • Getting from Rockford to the center:  There is no shuttle service available from Rockford to the center. Students either need to Uber or have a pick up set up with the center in advance. We encourage students who are riding the bus into Rockford to list their names on the rideshare board.
  • Getting to Rockford:
    • Van Galder (800) 747-0994 and  (815) 399-0092, station at  7559 Walton St., Rockford. Van Galder runs buses between Rockford, IL and O’Hare and Midway airports, as well as Union Station in downtown Chicago, Janesville, Beloit  &  Madison. Schedules can be found online at
    • Greyhound:  542 N. Lyford Rd, (I-90 and E  State St.)   Rockford  964-8671 and fare/schedule 800-231-2222.  Schedules can be found online at
      A pick-up ride from the center should be arranged at least a day in advance of your arrival.
  • Ride sharing: If you would like to offer other participants a ride to the course, or if you would like to get a ride with another participant, please visit our online ride-share board.  See your acceptance email for a link. From this page, you can send an email to others in your area who need or can offer a ride, or you can add yourself to the list so other people can contact you. No personal contact information is displayed on the page. If someone wishes to contact you, they will be able to send you an email with their contact information, but they will not see your email address when they do so. You can then choose whether or not to respond.

If you have questions, please contact the registrar at [email protected].org.

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